​Don't Eat Less...Eat Right

One of the most misunderstood and least appreciated aspects of overweight and obesity is the biochemical changes that take place in your body.
Bio-Chemical Information Medical Weight Loss Specialists
​​These changes occur as you store excess energy as fat tissue. We humans have a virtually limitless ability to store excess energy as fat. That is what your fat is... stored energy for later use. It was designed so that you would have energy to use during times of hardship or famine when food sources were scarce.

As your body stores increasing amounts of fat, a biochemical condition known as insulin resistance can develop. Insulin resistance makes it more difficult for your body to access body fat and burn it, and makes storing even more body fat more likely. This condition places your body behind the biochemical eight ball, making weight loss very difficult.

At Medical Weight Loss Specialists, we help you understand the causes and more importantly what you can do to reverse this process and allow your body to right the ship biochemically. Much has been learned about the science of what is causing your problem with weight management and science should be used to help you establish and maintain a healthy weight. We help patients do this every day...We'd love to help you!