Reset Your Body's Reliance On Sugar

Samantha Kramer, LRD Medical Weight Loss Specialists
​Medical Weight Loss Specialists offers a two week Metabolic Detox with our Registered Dietician Samantha Kramer, LRD. The Metabolic Detox is designed for people who are looking to breakthrough a plateau, minimize cravings, jump start their weight loss or simply have more energy and feel better!

During the detox, you will eat real food. You will avoid certain foods that can cause insulin spikes, slow your weight loss, and cause sugar cravings. This will maximize your body’s ability to burn fat and decrease weight.​​
Samantha Kramer, L.R.D.
Your Metabolic Detox includes:
Low-Carb Food Pyramid
  • ​Two visits with our registered dietician-Patients will meet with Samantha at the beginning and at the end of their detox. Each appointment will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

  • ​Two weeks of individualized meal plans-Sam will make each detox patient an individualized meal plan for the two weeks of the detox based on the patients likes and dislikes.

  • ​Two body compositions- Sam will perform a body composition on the first day of your detox and on the last day. This will show your weight loss and your fat loss.

  • ​B-12 Injection- B12 injections may increase energy, boost mood, give mental clarity, and deepen sleep.

  • ​Metabolic Detox packet- has everything you will need to track progress!
The Medical Weight Loss Specialists' Food Pyramid