Frequently Asked Questions
​Does Health Insurance Cover any of the Costs?

Medical Weight Loss Specialists does not accept insurance at the clinic. This is because most insurance providers, at this time, do not cover for our services. Because most insurances do not cover, we have opted not to take insurance at all and keep our pricing down by not having a billing and coding team.

Even though we do not accept insurance at the clinic, we will provide patients with a super-bill. A super-bill is an itemized receipt with all the medical services diagnosed and coded for insurance purposes. The super-bill, along with your insurance company's claim form is everything you need to file for insurance coverage. Many people will receive coverage and the check will come directly to them. Coverage usually depends on the specific diagnosis a person has and their specific insurance plan.

Many people will use Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts to pay for their visits. Also, many medical services can be tax deductible as well. Talk to your accountant for more information.