1 On 1 Personal Training
​The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Overall Health

1 On 1 Personal Training
Heart Healthy Exercise Medical Weight Loss Specialists
​Medical Weight Loss Specialists knows the importance of an exercise program for your overall health. We have 1 on 1 personal training sessions designed to teach you the basics of exercise both strength and cardiovascular training. Our exercise programs are designed around you and your goals. We specialize in weight loss exercise but teach a wide variety of exercise types.

Programs starting at 12 sessions for $360

Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your overall health... Get started today!!!​​
The many benefits of exercise!
Heart Healthy Exercise Medical Weight Loss Specialists
Exercise improves insulin sensitivity, leptin signaling and muscle mass; while lowering blood pressure, stress levels, and fat storage.

​Insulin Sensitivity: Exercise signals your muscles to make new/more muscle cells, which means that more energy (sugar or fat) can be burned. New muscle cells generate less ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and improve insulin sensitivity.

​Leptin Signaling: Exercise improves leptin signaling, thereby increasing your sympathetic tone, energy expenditure, and quality of life.

​Build Muscle: Placing increased amounts of stress on a muscle, beyond its capacity, facilitates muscle growth and several beneficial metabolic adaptations.

​BP & Stress: Exercise will reduce stress levels and release endorphins to make you feel better throughout the day. Low cortisol levels translate into improved blood pressure, lower stress, and better overall metabolic health.

​Lower Fat Storage: Exercise increases the speed of your metabolism and causes you to store less fat.
Heart Healthy Exercise Medical Weight Loss Specialists
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