​It's Not a Short-Term Diet...It's a Long-Term Lifestyle

Medical Weight Loss Specialists creates an individualized nutritional plan centered around your unique situation. Using simple, but comprehensive guidelines patients learn to look at their food in a different way.
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​​At Medical Weight Loss Specialists we know that weight management is something that patients will be doing for the rest of their lives. That is why we believe in educating our patients about nutrition and the science behind weight management. Many programs utilize pre-packaged foods rather than relying on education. While pre-packaged foods may help you lose weight, it is not sustainable to eat them for a long period for most people.

Patients begin our nutritional program with a 90-minute presentation that is led by Spencer Berry, MD that covers the science of overweight and obesity as well as the healthy nutritional concepts that we teach in our program. Many patients tell us they learn more in that 90-minutes then they have their entire lives about nutrition and how their body utilizes it. Patients are able to eat dinner with their families, go out to eat with friends and enjoy real food all while on their weight loss journey. We don't help patients go on a diet, we give patients the tools to form a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

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