​A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside

Medical Weight Loss Specialists knows it's true that behaviors are fundamental to creating healthy habits, however, underneath our behaviors are values, feelings, and beliefs. The foundation of our behavior is our psychology. We know there is more to losing weight then "eat this and don't eat that".
Psychological Information Medical Weight Loss Specialists
​​Learning and knowing how to manage your weight in a healthy fashion, has a tremendous impact on your overall "sense of self". Difficulty managing your weight can lead to a negative, self-doubting and mentally depressed view of yourself and the world around you. Overtime, this view can shape your life's outlook in many ways. Relationships with family, friends and co-workers are affected. Your home life and career can suffer. Most importantly, your relationship with yourself can be stressed to the point of constant embattlement. This is not a healthy situation. Knowing what to do to change things can be elusive.

At Medical Weight Loss Specialists we understand the psychological impact overweight and obesity can have on you. As medical professionals, we are trained in working with patients on this aspect and their potential effects on your ability to manage your weight successfully. We are able to work with your current medications and medical history to give you the optimal focus on losing weight. Many patients report a very positive impact on their psychological health as they become more comfortable managing body weight.