Science Of Sugar
A Free Community Outreach Seminar on Sugar and How it Affects Your Health

Join us in our effort to Take Back America's Health!
“The Science of Sugar” is a 60-minute presentation led by Spencer Berry, MD or Nichole Jackson, FNP-C. Medical Weight Loss Specialists will come on site with our team of experts to teach attendees the science of weight management and obesity and how sugar affects your health.

We have done the presentation for many different groups including companies like Eide Bailly and US Bank, the Fargo Rotary Club, the North Dakota Roughriders, Fargo Public Schools and the North Dakota Dental Association to name a few.​​​
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“We were glad Medical Weight Loss Specialists was willing to come on site to educate the team. They loved learning about how sugar affects our lives!”

-Polly Thorsness, Bell State Bank and Trust​​​
Medical Weight Loss Specialists Presents
"The Science Of Sugar"
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The Attendees will learn how the consumption of sugar correlates to excess body weight. The providers will cover the health risks involved with excess body weight such as heart attack, stroke, Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, many types of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, etc.
Attendees will also learn how a calorie is not a calorie and how the food pyramid has literally "fed" America the wrong dietary information since 1972. 
Dr. Berry and Nichole cover the effects of the hormone insulin on your weight and how, over time, insulin resistance can develop. Over 50% of Americans are insulin resistant and they are not aware of it. Being insulin resistant can greatly hinder weight loss and it is the beginning steps on the road to diabetes.
Following the seminar, attendees can opt to have a blood sugar screen as well as a body composition analysis. The blood sugar screen can give attendees an idea of their level of insulin resistance and how it relates to Type II Diabetes. The body composition will show attendees their ratio of fat to lean mass in the five major segments of their body, their basal metabolic rate, and other information regarding their metabolism.​​

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“The team from MWLS came on site and spoke to our team. The education was extremely interesting and useful and our team loved doing the body compositions and blood glucose tests afterward. Many people on our team have seen dramatic weight loss and health benefits.”

-Anna Johnson, Mortgage Consultant Park Company​​​
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