Nutritional Program: Adult
​Rely on the Science
Get ready to learn about sugar and how your body responds to it when consumed! Excessive sugar intake is the number one reason for the obesity epidemic in the United States and around the world. Teaching you how to identify the various forms of sugar in your diet, as well as how it is affecting your health, is our priority.

The nutritional program at Medical Weight Loss Specialists focuses on educating patients on the science of sugar and then teaches you how to apply this science to your nutritional habits. We believe that real food is the best medicine, therefore do not utilize meal replacements or pre-packaged foods. Enjoy eating out? No problem. Don't love to cook? That's ok! This is not a diet. We will teach you how to integrate simple nutritional guidelines so you can take them with you, wherever life may lead.

We understand that there are many factors that play a role in nutrition and body weight,which is why we use a holistic approach to weight loss that focuses on all components (nutritional, psychological, emotional, and biochemical). Patients appreciate that our program is DOABLE and that they are able to integrate healthy nutrition into their own, as well as their families lives.
Nutritional Program Medical Weight Loss Specialists

​Meet Spencer Berry, MD

"I initially started this plan to help my son with his weight loss journey. But the journey quickly became mine as well. In the past I’ve lost and gained the same 60 lbs., several times. As I aged the weight just wouldn’t come off the way it did when I was younger. With the knowledge I gained, I became aware that some of the food decisions I thought were healthy were actually responsible for my weight issues. I couldn’t believe how fast the weight came off and how great I felt. The results were life changing. I’m no longer on high blood pressure medication or on the verge of high cholesterol. This is the best program I’ve ever been on." 
It’s not a diet, it’s lessons learned for life.

​​ ​INITIAL VISIT (click here for pricing information and a breakdown of what is included)
Welcome! Your initial visit will be your introduction to Medical Weight Loss Specialists and our introduction to you.
Your initial visit is 3 hours in length. It is extended because it is incredibly comprehensive. This is our first chance to get to know you, our valued patient, and we make sure to put your best interests first from the start! The first visit includes the nutritional education you need to be successful on your journey to better health.  
No two individuals are alike, so every program is customized depending on different factors such as your age, health, and BMI at the start of the program.

Active Weight Loss Phase
During the active weight loss phase of our nutritional program, a provider will meet with you once a month to evaluate and discuss your progress. They will also manage the medications you are taking through Medical Weight Loss Specialists and ensure that your body stays in the optimal state for weight loss. These visits will last approximately 30-45 minutes.   

The length of each patient’s active weight loss phase will vary in length, as weight loss goals range from 5 lbs to over 200 lbs.
What you discuss at your appointment will be completely different from what another patient discusses at their appointment. We treat overweight and obesity as a disease and our patients as individuals. No two patients will experience the exact same treatment protocol at Medical Weight Loss Specialists.
After completing the active weight loss phase of our nutritional program, you will enter the transitional weight maintenance phase.
Transitional Weight Maintenance Phase
Patients begin the transitional weight maintenance phase once they have achieved their goal or a healthy weight that they feel comfortable maintaining. During the transitional phase, patients will start scheduling their visits further and further apart. In addition, the provider will instruct them on how to start transitioning themselves off their medications.
As patients are successful in needing less medication assistance and less medical therapy assistance, they will be moved to our weight maintenance phase.
Weight Maintenance Phase
During the weight maintenance phase, patients no longer have regularly scheduled visits at Medical Weight Loss Specialists. Patients will be given an individualized CAP plan. The CAP plan is explained in detail at your initial visit.
As patients have now learned and been educated on proper nutrition, they are able to maintain their weight and live a healthy lifestyle without the ongoing assistance of Medical Weight Loss Specialists. However, you are a patient for life and we are always here for you.

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