Nutritional Program: Pediatric
​Healthy Habits for Life
Our pediatric program is designed to help children and adolescents develop healthy eating habits early in life. Studies show that children and adolescents that develop proper activity and nutritional habits demonstrate a higher rate of achieving and maintaining proper body weight throughout their life.
Sugar is everywhere and it is the number one cause of obesity in our children today. Did you know that one in three newly diagnosed Type II Diabetics is under the age of 18?
We encourage all parents and family members involved to follow the recommended nutritional guidelines that are discussed throughout the program. By participating in good nutritional habits alongside their child, parents can become a positive role model and help guide their child through their emerging weight loss or weight maintenance journey. Parents that participate in these healthy lifestyle changes with their child have a greater understanding of any challenges that are encountered during the weight loss process, and often function as a crucial unit of support.
Our providers Spencer Berry, MD and Nichole Jackson, FNP-C are both board certified in their respective associations in family medicine. They both have extensive backgrounds working with pediatric and adolescent patients.
Pediatric Program Medical Weight Loss Specialists

Meet Candi & Brock

"I was going to write you a note and mail it but I didn't want to wait that long to say thank you. My sister and my niece came to see Dr. Berry yesterday and after their appointment I could visibly see some relief for my sister. I wanted to thank you for the incredible work that you do and the staff that you have. My sister knew something wasn't right with my niece but no one could seem to help her get a handle on it. Now they have a course of action and the whole family is on board with their new lifestyle of eating right. I can't thank you enough for helping them!  -P.S.
​​ ​INITIAL VISIT (click here for pricing information and a breakdown of what is included)
Welcome! Your initial visit will be your introduction to Medical Weight Loss Specialists and our introduction to you.
Your initial visit is 3 hours in length. It is extended because it is incredibly comprehensive. This is our first chance to get to know you, our valued patient, and we make sure to put your best interests first from the start! Every program is customized depending on different factors such as your age, health, and BMI at the start of the program. We encourage parents to join their child at this appointment so that they become educated in the nutritional guidelines the patient will now follow.
Active Weight Loss Phase
During the active weight loss phase of our nutritional program, a provider will meet with you once a month to evaluate and discuss your progress. Depending on the patients age, parents are encouraged to gage how involved they would like to be with each visit. This will also depend on the child. If you would like a recommendation, please ask your provider.
These visits will last approximately 30-45 minutes. The length of each patient’s active weight loss phase will vary in length. What you discuss at your appointment will be completely different from what another patient discusses at their appointment.
We treat overweight and obesity as a disease and our patients as individuals. No two patients will experience the exact same treatment protocol at Medical Weight Loss Specialists. After completing the active weight loss phase of our nutritional program, you will enter the transitional weight maintenance phase.

Transitional Weight Maintenance Phase
Patients begin the transitional weight maintenance phase once they have achieved their goal. Many of our pediatric patients are still growing. Our providers are specially trained to make sure the patient is getting the correct nutrition to ensure they grow and develop properly.
During the transitional phase, patients will start scheduling their visits further and further apart. As patients are successful in needing less medication assistance and less medical therapy assistance, they will be moved to our weight maintenance phase.

Weight Maintenance Phase
During the weight maintenance phase, patients no longer have regularly scheduled visits at Medical Weight Loss Specialists. Patients will be given an individualized maintenance plan based on their age, goals, weight, height etc. As patients have now learned and been educated on proper nutrition, they are able to maintain their weight and live a healthy lifestyle without the assistance of Medical Weight Loss Specialists. However, you are a patient for life and we are always here for you.