Frequently Asked Questions
​What are the costs of your Medical Weight Loss services?

At Medical Weight Loss Specialists we want to make our services affordable to everyone because we know the health benefits of weight loss and what obtaining a healthy body weight can do for you. We also know that most patients are paying all or some of the expenses out of pocket. Most people are pleasantly surprised to find out the costs of our services. While we strive to be accurate in preliminary cost information, variances can occur as a result of your visit.​​
Nutritional Program and Pediatric Program:​​
Initial Visit: $279 (includes the following)

  • Comprehensive weight loss history and physical examination with one of our providers

  • Body composition analysis

  • EKG (electrocardiogram)

  • Labs: Blood profile to evaluate for metabolic and/or endocrine factors that may be involved in, or affected by, your current weight issues

  • 1 hour and 20-minute presentation on the medical science of overweight and obesity, and the healthy nutritional concepts that can be integrated into your everyday life to help you achieve your weight loss goals

  • Receive your individualized treatment plan that will optimize your likelihood for successful weight management

  • One free visit with our Registered Dietician that can be used at any time

  • Arrange appropriate follow up visits so that your progress can be monitored and managed
***If you have had an EKG or lab drawn within the past 3 months, these will be subtracted off our initial visit package cost

***Cost of the initial visit does not include any medications that may be prescribed by the provider or any additional labs or testing that may occasionally be necessary based on an individualized assessment by the provider of each patient​​​​
Follow-Up Visits: $80

***Follow up visits with the provider during the active weight loss phase are generally monthly, will last approximately 30 minutes, and expense is $80 plus any medications​
KE Diet:
KE Cycle 10 days: $800 (includes the following)

  • Kit including everything the patient will need for the next 10 days
               Rented pump
               Keto strips
               Rented bag to hold nutritional mix

  • Nutritional Mix (Patient will not have to buy any of their own food for these 10 days)

  • Mid-point appointment and applicable tests

  • Tube removal appointment
***There is a $150 tube reinsertion fee if the patient decides to split up cycle into 2- 5 day cycles or 3- 3 day cycles. There is also a fee for any extra items the patient needs to replace.​
Metabolic Detox:
2 Week Metabolic Detox: $79 (includes the following)
  • Two visits with our Registered Dietician-Patients will meet with Samantha at the beginning and at the end of their detox. Each appointment will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

  • Two weeks of individualized meal plans-Sam will make each detox patient an individualized meal plan for the two weeks of the detox based on the patients likes and dislikes.

  • Two body compositions-Sam will perform a body composition on the first day of your detox and on the last day. This will show your weight loss and your fat loss.

  • B-12 injection-B12 injections may increase energy, boost mood, give mental clarity, and deepen sleep.

  • Metabolic Detox packet-has everything you will need to track progress!​