Frequently Asked Questions
​What kind of weight loss medications do you use?

At Medical Weight Loss Specialists, we are dedicated to helping each of our patients be successful in meeting their weight loss goals. Our nutritional program is 100% customizable to the individual needs of each patient. For a lot of patients, that means involving prescription diet medications.

The use of weight loss medication is reserved and prescribed based on the physical needs of the individual patient. Spencer Berry, MD or Nichole Jackson, FNP-C will recommend which medication, if any, is best suited for your needs. We have many patients that follow our nutritional program with NO pharmaceutical therapy and do amazingly!

At Medical Weight Loss Specialists, we prescribe the use of several different types of weight loss medication to our patients. These medications are intended to be used in combination with our nutritional program. Diet medications are only prescribed under the supervision of Dr. Berry, and are only recommended while you are an active patient at Medical Weight Loss Specialists.

Appetite Suppressants: Appetite Suppressants work by helping you to eat less and feel fuller. This type of medication was initially approved by the FDA in 1959. Due to the long history of appetite suppressants there are many different generic options of this type of medication available to patients, often at an affordable price. Appetite Suppressants are recommended for short term use, meaning that they will only be prescribed to be used over a period of several weeks. In order to successfully lose weight with Appetite Suppressants it is important that you focus on making the nutritional and lifestyle changes that are necessary to maintaining long term weight loss.

Metformin (Biguanide): This medication helps inhibit intestinal glucose absorption, reduces liver glucose production, and increases insulin sensitivity in peripheral insulin-targeted tissues. This medication can help control hunger, so that lifestyle changes are more successfully implemented. Metformin therapy has been shown in multiple studies to help improve body composition, fasting insulin, Body Mass Index, cardiovascular control and fatty liver disease in obese children, adolescents and adults.

​Chromium: Chromium is used to assist in the weight loss process. Chromium offers a great deal of health and weight loss advantages to those that are offered the supplement.
Unlike other types of weight loss nutrients that are synthetic or artificially created, Chromium occurs naturally to assist our bodies metabolize carbohydrates. It also assists in the regulation of our insulin levels, helping them to remain as low as possible in our bloodstream which helps to prevent diabetes. Many people do not receive enough chromium in their natural diet as they age, and as a result many overweight individuals have low chromium levels. This lack of chromium has been shown to lead to increased insulin resistance and make losing weight incredibly difficult. Proper Chromium levels are also known to help prevent sugar cravings, which will also assist weight loss by decreasing the intake of excess calories.

At Medical Weight Loss Specialists, we use a specialized form of Chromium that is called Chromium Polynicotinate. This form of Chromium is bonded to another vitamin called Niacin, and this forms a Glucose Tolerance Factor. Other forms of Chromium, such as the picholinate form are also popular, but with this form the chromium must bind to Niacin in the body. We eliminate this by prescribing the form of Chromium that is already bonded to the Niacin.

The amount of Chromium that you will be prescribed depends on a number of reasons. In general, if Chromium is deemed appropriate to your weight loss plan then you will likely be prescribed at least 200 micrograms. For those patients that are insulin resistant we often prescribe 400 micrograms. Many of our patients take a daily multivitamin that may have 200 micrograms of Chromium, as well. While up to 1000 micrograms of Chromium daily is considered safe, we have not seen any research or evidence that taking more than 400 micrograms of the nutrient every day is useful, and so we do not recommend larger amounts of the supplement than stated.

Thyroid: The thyroid is a very important gland in the body and affects the speed of your metabolic engine. You may have had your thyroid levels checked in the past and told you were within normal range. The normal range for thyroid levels is huge. We often see levels that are technically “normal” but are far from optimal. This can affect weight loss. We will check your thyroid levels and prescribe thyroid medication when indicated it is necessary. Your levels will be followed closely and at no time do we raise levels too high.