Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of weight loss results can I expect?

For a great deal of our patients this is the first question going through their minds as they begin considering our medical weight loss services. Many patients have tried so many gimmicky, quick-fix programs that they are skeptical.

While we know patients are very focused on pounds and inches, we are focused on YOUR HEALTH. Health is not a number on a scale. Health is how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. One of Dr. Berry’s famous quotes is “I have stopped more medications in the first three months of practicing Bariatric medicine then I did practicing family medicine for 25 years.” We want patients to focus on becoming healthier rather than “how many pounds?”.

That being said, it is still nice to get an idea of what you can expect to lose. The amount of weight loss that you can expect depends on a lot of personal factors. The closest we can come to estimating how much you can expect to lose is to show you statistically the type of weight loss that past patients have experienced while being a patient at Medical Weight Loss Specialists.

Below is a graph of the weight loss results achieved at Medical Weight Loss specialists from September 20, 2011-August 12, 2016.  ** These are averages of EVERY patient we have treated in their first 10 weeks.