Not all bodies are the same, nor should they be! We are human after all, and what may work for one person may not do much for another. Exercise doesn’t have to be something you drag yourself through either, it can be enjoyable if you opt for activities that you like doing. Sounds simple enough, right? Keep in mind that the exercises you choose should also correlate with your personal health goals. So depending on if you want to maintain, build muscle, lose weight, or something else, there are certain activities that are going to yield these goals for you.

Avoid Boring Activities

A common reason people don’t keep up with their exercise routine is due to boredom. Maybe someone does the same exercise every single day, and then they slowly don’t have the same zest for it that they had when they first started. Or perhaps someone forces themselves to do the exercises they hate in an effort to achieve short-term rapid weight loss. Neither of these habits are likely to stick, because they’re ultimately boring and won’t keep a person engaged.

Try to choose exercises that bring you some degree of enjoyment. Let’s say you are partial to short walks in nature to bathe in your senses: birds chirping, wind whistling through trees, and the feel of earth under your feet. You could ask a friend or family member to join you too, and then you have someone around during the exercise that makes you happy to be around.

Choose Many Exercises

Who says you have to pick one exercise? The more activities you find yourself enjoying, the more options you have to stay active without having to try too hard. You could choose jogging, walking, aerobics, running, swimming, yoga, tennis, lifting weights, and so much more. Try the activities you are curious about, and see what you like most, then mix it up. In this way, you are working different muscles on different days, optimizing full-body benefits while reducing risk of injury.

Exercises That Fit Lifestyle

Think about your lifestyle and daily routine. Is there a gym or swimming pool near your work, so you can easily hop over to get exercise before a shift, or afterwards? Maybe there are exercise classes you can attend with a friend or solo. If you have kids who play sports, you can exercise while there instead of hanging out on the sideline. The idea is to be motivated to find slots in your day where exercise can be smoothly implemented.