The Health Tricks You Don’t Hear About Often Enough

When it comes to health and wellness, we are constantly flooded with tips about weight loss, getting more sleep, drinking plenty of water, exercising more, etc. Frankly, despite there being at least some truth in these tips, they probably all sound like a broken record at this point. So what about the little health tricks that actually work, but you just don’t hear about often enough? These tips really do work wonders, even if they leave you scratching your head at first glance:

Drink Coffee, Then Take a Nap

A study concluded that people who consumed a cup or two of coffee then immediately laid down to rest for twenty minutes became more alert after and performed better on computer tests, compared to those who only took a nap. This sounds counter-intuitive, but what happens is by the time the nap is over, caffeine has started to kick in. Caffeine clears the mind of a molecule called adenosine, which influences activity and wakefulness. Napping removes the adenosine-causing fatigue and then caffeine blocks adenosine from being released, further amplifying the effects of having a short period rest.

Eat To Stay Full Longer

It may be tempting to grab a pre-bagged snack consisting of only 100 calories. But, these snacks may leave you feeling hungrier instead of curbing your appetite. By eating a small amount of carbs, it raises your blood sugar and leaves you desiring more of it. A protein, such as apple with string cheese or peanut butter, is higher in calories per serving, but you’re going to feel fuller longer. In this way, you can eat fewer calories daily because you have sustenance.  

Avoid Energy Drinks When Tired

Did you know that energy drinks often have up to five times more caffeine compared to coffee? The difference is that energy drinks are fleeting and can cause uncomfortable side effects like rapid heartbeat, irritability, and nervousness. Furthermore, energy drinks frequently have high levels of taurine, around a dozen teaspoons, which is too stimulating for the nervous system. Many people who drink energy drinks to get that extra boost end up crashing just as hard shortly afterwards. 

Drink Water When Bloated

When your tummy feels too full and you’re bloated, downing some water sounds like the last thing you want to do. Those who have a high-fiber diet need to take in more water in order for their body to work more efficiently. When water mixes with fiber it is easier to process in the gut, reducing bloating. Drinking plenty of water overall prevents you from being dehydrated, which is another common culprit of bloating, causing your body to puff up. 

There are more than enough health tips to read about online, but we shouldn’t forget about the ones that are simple and easy to implement into our routine. In fact, making smaller choices daily often yields long-term results and lasting health benefits.

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